My attempt at drawing The Killers, in Tim Burton’s style.

My attempt at drawing The Killers, in Tim Burton’s style.

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Building Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

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did everyone just quietly forgive pharrell for being in blurred lines

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"you were the first victims of the killers hiatus 2014…that’s how we do…you just can’t make us stop" 😍😘

the killers @ the house of blues
dallas, tx
april 3, 2014

He said “victims”

He said “hiatus 2014”

*sanctimoniously sets self on fire*

He said “you just can’t make us stop”

This makes me believe they do read tumblr…

I don’t need this kind of stress in my life

Our fandom is too strong

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"What’s with all the feathers?" "I’m a bird of pray


Yes! Its perfect - what I imagined. Thank you.

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Depressed because I couldn’t watch the concert 😔😠 Anyone know if you can re-watch it somewhere?

Same. I’ve had a miserable day, having woken up with food poisoning and I missed the live stream because I was throwing up all day.

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Brandon in the shower in different colors requested by Anon

Here you go :)




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awesome!! <3
Thank you, Cristie!
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Omfg i want one
I am not about to go into production lines, I’m afraid. Literally, blood sweat and tears went into this and no price is worth that. Especially cutting out and stitching on each individual letter for the sign in front of the telephone. It makes me really happy to know that my hard work is admired though. Thank you so much.
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Ignore my photography flaws and admire my skills as a seamstress for just a moment, if you please. This took me 9 months to complete, working on it on and off, whenever I had time to spare and in a creative mood.

The light on top is solar powered and i recycled plastic bags, by sewing them on top of white cotton to give the window panes a glassy effect.  Yes, it is complete with a telephone, but no it is not connected. I am preparing myself however, for when it begins to ring and echo a voice asking, "Are you my mummy?"

But, what makes my TARDIS ‘bigger on the inside?’ you may ask; Why, it is full of entirely different worlds, contained in the stories of my films, shows and books, for reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.’ And through my collection of vinyl and CDs - in the words of Muse’s Matt Bellamy, "I prefer music that invents a universe."

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Remember when I made this post ages ago?

Well, I doubt it. But, my point is; I am about to post the results of said post any moment now. So, stay tuned, my flowers.

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do musicians have their own music on their iPod as their band name or is it just under ‘me’

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