The Goodnight Kiwi

'The Goodnight Kiwi, later also called TV Kiwi, is a character in an animated short which has been used to signal the end of nightly broadcasts on Television New Zealand channels. The animation was introduced in 1975 on TV2, and used on South Pacific Television between 1976 and 1980. Between 1980 and 19 October 1994, the animation was screened again on TV2. This animation returned on 6 September 2007 for use on TVNZ 6 when the channel ends transmission at midnight. TVNZ U continue the Goodnight Kiwi at midnight before overnight service.’ [x]


My Dad worked in television for a long time and before I was even born, he would role this clip at the end of broadcasting, when everything was shut down for the night.
 If you think about it, my Dad was the original TV Kiwi.
(Although, to my knowledge, he did not go to sleep in a satellite dish.)


I was surprised when the clip didn’t seem to be already been GIFed here on Tumblr, so went ahead and made it myself. 

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