The Killers, “Pale Blue Eyes” Lou Reed tribute. [Download]

Thank you for posting this. I am surprised they played this, off all the songs they could’ve played as tribute to Lou. And it happens to be a favourite of mine. I posted it to my Facebook wall, when I heard the news ..maybe Ted listened to it.

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A legend never truly dies.

A legend never truly dies.

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TK members with other musicians

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Lou Reed in Tranquilize

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the killers ft lou reed: tranquilize

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Andy Warhol & Lou Reed


Andy Warhol & Lou Reed

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Take a TK song and replace a word with porn ~in honor of Battle Porn~














Jenny was a Porn of mine

When You Were Porn

Leave The Porn On The Shelf

Change Your Porn

Sam’s Porn

Losing Porn

Porn You’re a Star

Glamorous Indie Porn

Midnight Porn

A Crippling Porn

This Porn Is Wild

The Porn We Live In

Sweet Porn

Porn (featuring Lou Reed)

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HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Brandon Richard Flowers of The Killers. 31! My baby grows up so fast.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Brandon Richard Flowers of The Killers.
31! My baby grows up so fast.

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so guys, can LOU REED my mind?


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The Killers sample Lou Reed Classic on new album


“Rock band THE KILLERS have sampled LOU REED’s classic track WALK ON THE WILD SIDE for a song on their upcoming album.

The Las Vegas musicians have used the famous bass line from Reed’s 1972 hit in a track to be featured on their long-awaited new record, Battle Born.

Frontman Brandon Flowers tells Britain’s Daily Star, “The album will focus on big emotions like longing, fear of loss and love.”


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Brandon & Lou.

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David Tennant, wearing a Lou Reed shirt <3

David Tennant, wearing a Lou Reed shirt <3

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I WANT YOUR LOU REED VINYL!!!! Thank you again for buying me Kylie! Love you muchly. xx Also, I have the same Bay City Rollers record! Awh!

You’re welcome to come over and listen to it any time hun. No problem, it was the least I could do. I didn’t know you liked The Bay City Rollers too? That’s quite awesome - not gonna lie.

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'Record Store Day' is a world widely day, which is observed on the third Saturday of each April. Basically started, to keep our local record businesses alive and running.

This morning, despite my tonsillitis, Dad and I went down to Penny Lane Records at 9am when it opened this morning. Spent over 50 dollars and was rewarded with a free T-shirt. 

My scores:

  • "My Way" / "No One is Innocent" - Sex Pistols (Special Edition 12" Single)
  • "Wouldn’t You Like It" - Bay City Rollers LP
  • "C’mon Every Beatbox" - Big Audio Dynamite  (12" Single)
  • "Somebody Told Me (Mylo Mix / The Glimmers GypRock Mix)" - The Killers (12" Remix)
  • The Stranglers (1977-1982 Collection LP)
  • "Sunsshine on Leith" - The Proclaimers LP
  • "Atmosphere" / "She’s Lost Control" - Joy Division (12" Single) 
  • "Transformer" - Lou Reed LP
  • "Feast" - The Creatures LP

Also the 12” single of “Never Too Late” by Kylie Minogue, for my pal, Sean who was kind enough to let me about The Killers record he found, oddly placed in the 80’s/90’s 12” section. Thank you, my dearest whale! Love ya. Xx

 Oh and ordinarily, this kind of haul would have been double the price.
 I love Record Store Day!

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